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Misano World Circuit

Marco Simoncelli Tribute"

The Misano motor racing circuit was designed in 1969 (3.488 m) and has always been under private management. After three years from its design started the sport. At the edge of the track, small open pits and a building used exclusively by the services. In the early 90's launching of a renovation project which over successive phases guaranteed the availability of a more efficient system.
After the passing of the popular 'Sic' in Sepang, that just at Misano began his racing career in 2012, the circuit has changed its name: 'Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli'.
Now Misano World Circuit offers a unique overall offering. Five available slopes: the two newly built, Arena Flat Track opened in early 2015 and already a reference point for the Track Racing enthusiasts and training of the great champions of cycling, as well as starring in the weekend in other official competitions; Finally, the international track and track tests.
But the Misano circuit is always working. In view of the Grand Prix of San Marino and Tim the two new stands have been set up in Rimini Rivera: The Tribune Misanino, which allows excellent visibility of one of the most spectacular stretches of the circuit, the so-called "Curvone" and Tribune Sunset, anch 'it in favor of "Curvone" as well as oak curve.
With these interventions the Misano Circuit Wordl capacity exceeds 100,000. MWC has distinguished itself in recent years to the attention to social issues, from road safety to environmental sustainability.
In particular as regards the environment in 2016 was promoted to the KiSS-Misano Keep it Shiny and Sustainable program, a series of initiatives to sensitize the public, teams and drivers the importance of adopting sustainable behavior in a social and environmental.
On the occasion of the Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini a communication plan has been activated which invited the public to get to the circuit by using public transport, car pooling, bicycles.
Moreover, thanks to agreements with public and private operators of mobility, incentives have been provided for the use of trains, bus shuttles, taxis, instead of or in combination with the use of private vehicles.
These initiatives have been added to those already predisposed to Misano World Circuit to facilitate access by persons with disabilities.
Another goal of KiSS Misano was to stimulate public who will attend the Grand Prix to make the selective collection of waste, to keep the environment clean, address the problem of littering (waste abandonment) and food waste.

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