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Dolphinarium of Riccione

Covering an area of ​​110,000 square meters the Oltremare Park, which from 2010 works with the Cetacean Research Centre, has several areas dedicated to the marine world, the formation of the Earth with the first living organisms and evolution of life.

Planet Earth will allow you to spectacularly revive the milestones of our history, from the Big Bang with the consequent formation of the solar system and our planet, to the disappearance of the dinosaurs, the development of early mammals, and the ice age.

Planet Ocean, however, with its huge aquariums and interactive tanks, offers the opportunity to closely observe the typical fauna of the Adriatic Sea with dolphins, sharks, tuna, sunfish etc.
Darwin is a trail that takes place inside a glass and steel dome where the Cretaceous period with prehistoric forests that are home to dinosaurs and giant cockroaches has been recreated. Here it is shown the transformation of life on Earth.

In "Planet Science" has hosted the interactive exhibition that illustrates the inventions of Archimedes at the large Imax theater you can enjoy enthralling 3D movies projected on a giant screen, a virtual journey to live in the world of the abyss with the film "Wild Ocean ", or on Earth with the ferocious T-Rex.

Delta also interesting that reproduces the damp of the Po Delta environment populated by waterfowl typical of this area such as herons, storks, geese, ducks but also reptiles, amphibians and fish.

You will enjoy this picturesque setting also slipping on "InPikkiata" rafts.
The real stars of the park remain, however, the animals, like the little puppy bottlenose Taras, whose name was chosen by the public, was born on 9 August.

In the Dolphin Lagoon visitors will have an expert who will be able to satisfy all their curiosity about what concerns these amazing sea creatures, and participate in "The Voice of the Dolphins" and "Meet the Dolphins", two different events dedicated to the emotions of ' meeting with these beautiful animals and observation of their behavior regarding: Energy, Game and Sociability.

The Po Mill instead hosts eagle owls, owls of the Snows, vultures, peregrine falcons and buzzards Harris who perform flight demonstrations and hunting under the falconers masters driving while in Parrot Forest are magnificent specimens of tropical parrots such as red and green macaws and conures least known of the sun.

In Hippocampus you can see seahorses, pipefish and sea dragons in the largest exhibition in the world, made possible thanks to the collaboration of the National Aquarium in Baltimore and visit the new tanks that are home to numerous species of jellyfish and a suitable environment for the piranhas.

There are plenty of domestic and wild animals that live in the rural environment of the Delta hosted in "The Farm", the Butterfly Garden, open from May, and exciting musical with fairytale characters and performances, such as the new Emotions, poetic illusion made of bodies and images, in which the dancers are transformed into birds, flowers and dreams, to be held from 14 June to 13 September.

For moments of leisure and fun with the kids there is finally Adventure Island, the 4,000 sq m area with lots of water fun: dancing fountains, nice challenges on small boats equipped with cannons that shoot water and adventure trails on suspension bridges and secret labyrinths.

News 2016: Seekers of nuggets, a fun game to the discovery of gold hidden in the rocks and earth of the river.
Attraction does not, however, included in the ticket price.

Overseas has eateries, organizes educational proposals for schools and offers interactive programs.
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