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The children's world

Covering an area of ​​150,000 square meters, Fiabilandia is divided into five main thematic areas.

In the Area there is the Medieval Castle of Merlin, within which you can make a journey on cars in the shape of an owl to the discovery of animated objects of magic maze of the sorcerer.

The Labyrinth of Fu-Ming and Lake of Dreams, a trip on the water in the midst of umbrellas and giant flowers that spray water which leads into the mysterious world enclosed in the belly of the dragon guardian of the lake and can be found in the area Oriental.
For an adventurous journey through suspension bridges and mysterious caves, there is the Bay of Peter Pan with the Skull Cave and the Pirate Ship, while the Far West Area, next to entertainment and performances, there are: Gold Mine, for traveling at full speed on old mine carts, Apache Village with characteristic tepee tribe and Fort Laramie, where relive the battle for the conquest of the old West fort along with Copperfield sheriff.

The Magic Village is the area dedicated to children with five fun rides, from classic revolving on plans to those who get up in the air, the Giostra of Horses with two floors, the Valley of the Gnomes, with the caterpillar apple through the village the cute elves and play Ground Pinko ball, with slides and lots of colored balls to play freely.

For battles with blows of water cannons aboard the submarine Nautilus, Captain Nemo's Adventure and, for the brave, SpaceMouse, the roller coaster with cars 4 places that revolve around themselves.

Do not miss a colorful Slip Gigante, Fiabilandia Express, the train that travels around the Park, Off-piste, for a journey aboard jeeps and two-seater, with a small contribution of € 1, the 4D Cinema with the screening of three-dimensional movies implemented by many impressive special effects.

In summer opens the Ranocchi Sea, the swimming pool with artificial rocks, waterfalls and fun water games.

In 2016 then the water area is expanded, next to the soft top 8 m slide, in fact, arise new fun inflatable games. Fiabilandia has always been attentive to environmental issues with social and cultural initiatives, such as RECYCLING-LEARNING project, and the protection of the natural oasis Lake Bernardo, where you can admire swans, pelicans, geese, mallards, titmice, robins and funny sea lions Nik and Nicky. With Fiaby Boat can surf on the lake and enjoy the journey in peace, observing the landscape.
Ample supply of educational exhibits, a rich Exotarium, with reptiles, spiders, scorpions, piranhas housed in dioramas that recreate their natural habitat accompanied by explanatory panels, with a section devoted to paleontology with fossils and minerals, the Peasant House the small museum that contains objects and furniture used in the past by farmers, and to his floor, which houses the Farm Animals: goats, rabbits, donkeys, horses and chickens.

The plant world are dedicated the Garden of Forgotten Fruits, a green oasis with beautiful plants and fruit trees complete with sheets, particularly beautiful in the spring, and the path of fragrant plants, more than 100 aromatic plants scattered along a small path with panels explanatory with botanical information, and drug use in the culinary field the same plants. To enrich the offer of Fiabilandia there are shows, like the novelty 2016: the show Pinocchio Live!

Without forgetting the welcome address of Babau mascot, Captain Hook Show, Western Buffalo Bill show, The dreams are wishes, and The Little Mermaid. Every day, an hour before the closure of the Park, is also active the Laboratory of Make-magically transform the faces of children.

During the winter closure, Fiabilandia turns into Gonfiabilandia, with the staging of a large heated space and indoor in the parking lot, with jacks, inflatable space and birthdays.

The park features shopping points and refreshment, restaurant, frulleria and a photographic point: the Hill of Babau.

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