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Summer is not summer without Aquafan!

29 summers riding high, the Aquafan is the most famous water park in Europe, thanks to its spectacular water, the countless events and his ability to be still a hip and trendy place.

The 70 thousand square meters in 1987 (the year of the opening), are now over 90,000, with new games, more parking and constant surprises every day and every night.
Day is fun with wonderful slides, totaling over 3 km long, from the Kamikaze to the Extreme River, from Speedriul at River Run, from Surfin'hill to Twist and Tobogas.

Until the last arrived, the StrizzaCOOL, opened in 2010.
And 'the family attraction format: allows descents on a raft for 3-4 people at a time.

Cost 3 million euro, is the largest water slide in the park and has the peculiarity of two games in one: an exciting descent, the other softer, between curves and tunnels, with rafting effect.
Along with many other water games and the immense wave pool, Aquafan also offers three super equipped play area for children, with a child of measuring slides and animations.
The most important is the Junior Focus Beach, the area dedicated to the world of Focus.
Here is the Ark of Noah, whose top children can venture to descend into the pool in front, through 4 slides blue (3 outdoor and 1 closed), all under the amused gaze of the many animals that live in and around the ' Ark.

A few meters from Junior Focus Beach is the Elephant Pool suitable for very small children.

The other children's area is the Antarctic Baby Beach, the pool for fun and games as the South Pole, slipping ... but without ice!

It is guarded by the great white bear that watches his little friends, and have fun safely down into two mini slides parallel.

And then relaxation areas, shops, restaurants, huge green areas, food points and services of all kinds.

In "Village Aquafan" this year will be many events on the calendar, dedicated to various targets.

Moreover a confirmed collaboration with Radio Deejay, with the most famous characters live daily from studios Aquafan Pool Waves.
Tickets and information available at our Reception

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