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The amusement park in Ravenna

Opened in 1992, Mirabilandia is the Amusement Park in Ravenna.

Rich Green, the park is divided into seven areas and covers an area of ​​600,000 square meters, which includes aquatic area.
Mascots are the duck and the rabbit Mike Otto you may encounter while walking between the various attractions, from those for smaller to those suitable for the whole family and the bravest.

Carousel, the romantic romantic carousel horses, Casa Matta, for small aerial tricks, rotating ducks and the Hare Express roller coaster, are just some of the rides that will entertain the kids.
There are also, in fact, the Santa Fe Express, the colorful train of the park, the Mini Rapide, to deal with on-board log, Monosaurus, journey to discover the dinosaur-egg on cars, Flying Arturo, with a small rotating cabins around the sympathetic kangaroo Arturo, another of the mascot of the park, and Fantasyland, with winding paths to explore.
For the more adventurous there are: Katun, the adrenaline inverted coaster with a path that winds in a setting depicting Mayan ruins with a 360 ° loop and a 50 m jump, the two 60 m high twin towers Columbia and Discovery, to be launched upwards at full speed the first, and fall into the second beat, and Ispeed, roller coaster that zips to 120 Km / h of breathtaking curves.

With an additional ticket of 5 € accessing Phobia, thrilling attraction that can be crossed on foot with real actors that scare visitors.
Numerous attractions for the whole family to Blue River, a thrilling descent to the edge of dinghies at two places in Rio Bravo for an adventure "wet" on rafts going down the rapids of a river, from Autosplash, aquatic course with a dip final 15 m in height on board a Cadillac shaped like canoes, Niagara, with two steep slopes to be tackled on barges that end with a tidal wave.

Other water attractions are Raratonga, path of boats equipped with water cannons in which you must hit the targets laid out in the ruins of Moai statues (the center stands the erupting volcano that gives its name to the carousel), and Aquaqua, to run between jets, fountains and water features.
To relax a bit 'there are Eurowheel, the impressive 90 m high Ferris wheel, and the Wonderland Express, a monorail that travels to the discovery of the park; for an interactive stroke competition with laser guns instead there is reset, set among the apocalyptic remains of New York.

Divertical water coaster is the tallest in the world, and Max Adventures Master Thai is a roller-coaster of double track. Also thrilling Explorer, for a train ride at full speed with two "8" cross between rocks and caves, Pakal, a turbulent journey in the mine carts and Delirium, where swirling on board the two-seater spacecraft raised by gigantic skeleton hands.
There are also more classic attractions such as Pots Stregate, the Balloons, colored balloons that lift and rotate leaning, Music, the carousel-kiss whose cars are covered with a red cloth, and the Mirabilandia 24 hours, to live an ' experience from Formula One drivers with small cars with internal combustion engines.

Do not forget Dinoland, thematic area for children and families dedicated to the world of dinosaurs, Jurassic with flying bicycles, mysterious plants and tracks for off-road between prehistoric animals, and the spectacular Summer Night Show featuring Peter Pan, an extraordinary performance made of excitement, adventure and daring stunts in over 35 m high.

News 2016: to Wonderland comes the Old West with the Far West Valley, the new subject area!
Here you will find "Aquila Thunderer" one Flyer Skate experience the thrill of flying lying on his stomach, two towers on which to hoist himself by a rope and Disk'o coaster for dizzying spins! Even the two large towers and Phobia will completely updated!

Between an attraction and the other, scattered throughout the park, you will find nice water vapor dispensers for a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Many of the services offered to the public, many fine dining options with bars and restaurants to paid places of entertainment with game rooms and remote controlled models for children. Mirabilandia attracts many visitors for its fantastic shows, from the Welcome Show, the welcome sight that has as protagonists the mascot of the park and the corps de ballet in full force, to "Big Trouble in Stunt City", Stunt Show with special effects and evolutions in the car and motorcycle thrilling, with a spectacular loops and adrenaline; by Il Galeone of the Seven Seas, with stunts inspired by the art of parkour, the dances and the music of Mira Rock n 'Roll and 70's Fever Live Musical.

There is no shortage to the delight of children and the Baby Dino Dance Festival in Surprise, the puppet show staged at the Theatre of Mike & Otto, and back by popular demand the show of acrobatic dives "Tortuga" from the Island Escape.

Strong pieces of the new season the Magic Illusion Show and the closing show of the Park: Pirates from the Future. Wonderland has picnic areas and a fully equipped aquatic area: "Mirabeach", accessible by a special rate.

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